Art Students – Materials

June 15, 2020

Students – what you’ll need

A good percentage of our customers are students and we have a wide range of products that are perfect for them. Depending on what course they are doing we stock most of the items on their lists.

Here is a small selection of what we have in stock whether you are starting college or art classes we can help.

Sketch pads

A well known pad from Daler Rowney this pad has a good quality paper that is ideal for sketching,ink drawings , charcoal and pastels.


  • A4 £6.80 (shown)
  • A3 £12.00 (shown)
  • A2 £20.65
Daler Rowney sketch pads

Other pads available


  • A4 Fine grain- drawing £6.95
  • A4Fine grain- heavyweight £8.80
  • A3 Fine grain- heavyweight £13.90
  • A3 Smooth – drawing £13.55
more Daler Rowney pads

Special paper pads

  • Tracing pads A4 £9.00, A3 £15.80
  • Layout pads A3 £10.00
  • Marker pads A4 £7.95, A3 £12.85
special paper pads

Special surface paper 

£2.85 per sheet

Size 50cm x 65cm (some may vary)

These papers are ideal for pastel work as they have a slight textured surface. They are also great for life drawing and sketching as there are some lovely pastel shades. 

pastel shaded paper
special surface papers

A1 Paper & Card

We also have A1 paper and card in a range of colours,the paper is of good quality it’s 150gsm and ideal for sketching and any craft activity.

The card is 300gsm and is ideal for mounting portfolio work, sketching, collage and crafting.

  • A1 card £3.85 per sheet (acid free)
  • A1 paper £3.10 per sheet(acid free)

We have single sheets of A1 150gsm cartridge paper at 90p each. We are happy to cut down in to

  • A2 (gives you 2x A2), and
  • A3 (gives you 4x A3)

if you wish.

a1 paper and card range

Graphics Fine liners

Excellent for line and wash, and sketching, they are available in

  • singles at £3.65
  • set of 5 at £14.55
  • set of 12 at £17.95
graphics fine liners

Spirit based pens – Copic markers

  • Single pens £4.95
  • Sets £26.95
spirit based pens copic markers


Special offers

  • £3.65 each, or
  • any 4 for £13.50
range of artists brushes

Value packs with cases



value pack of brushes in case

Pro Arte Brushes

These are all individually priced

pro arte brushes

Colours / Paints

When it comes to Student colour we have a wide range to offer, including acrylic, oil and watercolour.

Daler Rowney’s simply acrylic

  • 75ml £2.75 each 
daler rowney simply acrylic

Daler Rowney’s system 3

  • 59ml £4.15
daler rowney system 3

Daler Rowney Graduate oil

  • 38ml £ 3.95
daler rowney graduate oil

Winsor & Newton

  • 37 ml £4.50
winsor newton oil colour

Winsor & Newton Galeria acrylic

  • 60ml £4.50
winsor newton galeria acrylic

Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour

  • 8ml £3.40
  • 21ml £ 6.90
  • 1/2 pans £2.75
winsor newton cotman watercolour

This is just a small selection of art materials that we can offer to students, no matter what your age.

There are hundreds more products available and we have staff on hand for any questions and advice.


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