Choosing the right frame

February 13, 2017

…to get the most out of your picture

framesOur previous article looked at the merits of choosing the right mounts so we can now think about the correct frame.
There is a huge range of frame mouldings available and choosing the right style and size will complete the framing process. They are made of wood or man-made materials. Although some people prefer wood we don’t see that there is an advantage in either apart from tradition.

If your picture does not have a mount we look at the size of the image to be framed, the colours and type of material which it is painted or printed onto, and finally the style of the image.

Our customers may have a preference of framing which we will look at while hopefully offering some suitable alternatives. We will consider colour, width, depth and style of moulding before the final choice is made.

If we are framing articles such as sporting shirts, children’s shoes, 3d tapestries or cricket bats we will have to consider a frame which can be adapted to a depth of a few centimetres, while old indentures present a different type of challenge as they need to be protected for future generations to view.

Final considerations are whether a glass is to be included to protect the surface of the image and the type of glass to be used. We can use standard 2mm clear picture glass, non reflecting or UV (ultraviolet) protection glass protecting the colours from damaging UV rays. The hanging process can also be influenced by the width and depth of the framing chosen.

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