Damaged certificate frame

by Nov 8, 2021Restoration

Ornate certificate frame damaged

This very ornate frame had been damaged over the decades. The frame, decorated with carved cricket bats and balls, contains a record of the 1928/29 English Cricket Tour of Australia.

Certificate frame – before repairs

Frame repairs completed

For the cricket buffs:

The 1928/29 English Team won the series 4-1 and thus retained the Ashes.

The MCC touring party was:

  • Percy Chapman (Kent) (captain)
  • Jack White (Somerset) (vice-captain)
  • Douglas Jardine (Surrey)
  • Jack Hobbs (Surrey)
  • Herbert Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
  • Wally Hammond (Gloucestershire)
  • Patsy Hendren (Middlesex)
  • Ernest Tyldesley (Lancashire)
  • Phil Mead (Hampshire)
  • Maurice Leyland (Yorkshire)
  • Maurice Tate (Sussex)
  • George Geary (Leicestershire)
  • George Duckworth (Lancashire)(wicketkeeper)
  • Les Ames (Kent) (wicketkeeper)
  • Harold Larwood (Nottinghamshire)
  • “Tich” Freeman (Kent)
  • Sam Staples (Nottinghamshire)
  • Sir Frederick Toone (Yorkshire)(Manager)

Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s sole representative on the tour, George Geary, was recorded to have taken:

  • 5/35 off 18 overs in the second test
  • 3/83 off 31.5 overs in the third test
  • 5/105  off 81 overs in the fifth test

(figures according to Wikipedia as at 08/11/2021)

If you have items of value to you which would benefit from some tender loving care  (restoration / repair / cleaning) then call Gadsby’s to discuss whether we can help.

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