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Postage stamp designs based on Winnie the Pooh characters

Today Jane shares a college project she did. It is something both children and older artists can try and is great fun – designing postage stamps!

The task can be greatly simplified if you are going to give a child the project but for  our project the brief was:

Each stamp had to have the price and the queens head, we also had to have our designs reduced down to the size of the first day cover and we had to produce the wallet to go with the stamps.

We were given the following, below we have a postage information sheet, a copy of the queens head that all stamps require, a sheet of the actual stamp size the finished piece needs to be and a large sample stamp to work our designs to. So that we all had to get our work reduced down to the size of a normal stamp from the larger sample sized stamp we’d been given.

Materials given at the project outset

Choosing your theme…

This is what I came up with.

I’ve always loved Winnie the Pooh and all his little friends so for me it was easy to choose my subject.

I decided that all the characters on my stamps would be writing a letter and each stamp would have a title to the Pooh books.

The 24p stamp has Winnie the Pooh and below on the 28p stamp I’ve got Tigger writing his letter.

On the 33p stamp I’ve got Eeyore, this design I ended up changing this one wasn’t working for me.

Piglet is on the 39p stamp with paper and quill.

winnie and tigger stamp designs pencil sketches
eeyore and piglet stamp designs pencil sketches

Trying out colours for the design

Here I’m trying out different colours for the edges of the Pooh stamp to see what works.

At the bottom of this piece there are some ideas of what my first day cover stamps would be like.

trying different colours for the stamps

It isn’t always perfect first time…

Change things if you don’t like what you have done.

This is the changed design for Eeyore.

changed eeyore design

The finished stamps

Now for the finished set of stamps, I used a watercolour paper 300gsm and watercolour paint to colour in my designs. I also used a fine liner to out line Pooh bear.

For those of you who are old enough to remember it, I used Letraset for the title of the book at the bottom and the date it was out.

The limited edition cover.

The last part of the project is to design the limited edition cover envelope that unfolds to give you information about the stamps.

This is my idea for the inside to include a mock up of the text and the images to be used.

It changed a little before the final creation.

So as you can see we had to mock the text and supply and add Images.

draft limited edition cover - pencil sketch

Completed Limited Edition cover

This is the completed limited edition cover in its plastic packet.

I have drawn all the pictures and used letraset for the text. My photo copy of my stamps included.

limited edition cover

Now I’m going to show you the inside, everything we did had to look like the genuine item.

The stamps are mounted on to a black piece of card an covered in plastic.

limited edition cover inside

The inside holds the information about the subject of the stamps

As you can see I’ve now changed the mock letters for the real thing and added a picture of A.A Milne with Christopher Robin.

The full text

Keeping your work

I really did enjoy this project, designing stamps was a great learning curve.

I am glad I hung on to all this work from college as it’s a great reminder of my past achievement.

Gadsby’s sell artists materials and supplies which can be used for projects similar to this one. We do not sell the blank stamp sheets or Letraset.

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