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I have a picture I’d like to get framed, what is the process?

Ready made frames or made to measure frames.

Jane walks us through the options and process to frame your picture. 

Picture to be framed

Ready made picture frames

We have a wide selection of ready made frames (if your picture is a standard size).

So you can get the size you need and pop your picture in to the frame yourself.

Job done! But…

Shelf full of ready made frames

Ready cut mounts

If you think your picture would look better with a mount then we also have a wide selection of ready cut mounts, again in Standard sizes.

Below is my picture with a ready cut mount. The size is A4 to fit the picture and 14”x 10” frame size. The Cost of the mount is £3.95

My picture in ready cut mount
Rack of ready cut mounts in standard sizes

Made to measure picture frames


Perhaps you would like something made to measure.

We have a huge selection of mouldings to choose from so this process will take time so please do give yourself time to select some options when you come into the shop.

Picture frame mouldings to choose from

Wooden frame mouldings

Wooden picture frame mouldings

Metallic frame mouldings

Metallic picture frame mouldings

Selecting your frame?

What happens next?

If you just want a frame only and no mount we will show you some options / suggestions after we have asked you if you have any ideas if your own.

With so many frame styles to choose from there is always a danger of decision fatigue which is why we try to help by presenting the frames which match your ideas and our view of the item being framed.

What do you think? We see all things in a different way so it’s a good idea to try different options.

Adding a mount (or two)

Perhaps you would like a mount to make more of your picture, here are some pictures of the range of many different colours we have to offer you.


Choosing your mount colour

When it comes to choosing a mount we will help you to narrow it down to a few that will enhance your pictures.

You will see how different coloured mounts enhance your picture.

Frame & mount together

Next we start to put the frame samples (moulding) together with the mount.

First two options:

Top right; Ivory mount & light wood with the gold moulding.
Bottom left; Talc mount & natural wood moulding.

Second two options:

Top right; Chamois mount & natural wood moulding.
Bottom left; ice blue mount & blue/grey moulding.

Third two options:

Top right; pampas mount & light gold moulding.
Bottom left; mimosa & natural wood moulding.

Final choice

I really like the bottom left of the third pair of options with the natural wood moulding and the light green mount (mimosa)!

What do you think?

How long does it take?

To get a picture framed takes about a week to 10 day’s, some may take up to two weeks if we have to order in the moulding. For example, the metal frames will need to be ordered.

Prices will need to be quoted when you bring in your pictures as our mouldings have different rates. We can give you an approximate price if you only have the size of the picture on you.

I hope this has helps you through the process, it’s not difficult but it may take some time to make your choices.

Gadsby’s sell all of the frames and mounts  mentioned above.

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