This difficult restoration commission presented its first major challenge when we tried to get it off the wall!

Being two meters square and painted onto inch thick oak panels the whole structure was very heavy and would need three men to lift it down with the help of a scaffold frame.

We found that many of the nails which held the frame together had rusted away as had several of the nails which held the boards to the wall.

Slowly we pulled the work free from the remaining nails and lifted it away from a retaining hook at the top of the frame.

Once down to ground level we returned to Leicester ready for our restorer to get to work.

Restoration work:

repaired bronze bustW Frank Gadsby Ltd

Damaged Bust

half cleaned oil painting close upW Frank Gadsby Ltd

Cleaning an Oil Painting

after the restoration

Fun to work with

Joseph Bosworth Plaque Restored
Aynsley two knigfishers needing repair
top panel