Restoring a Church Plaque

A year ago we received a telephone call about a large plaque which was hanging in St Edith’s Church in Monks Kirby. During the call it became apparent that this was going to be a difficult restoration job as the plaque has hung on the church wall for many, many years.

We decided the only way to proceed was to visit the church for a first hand viewing.

It was quite a shock to see the size of the solid wood plaque, measuring almost two meters square!!

Much of the lettering has been affected with the passage of time and the damp from the solid walls. The frame is disintegrating and is in need of serious preservation.

One final major problem is that during hanging large nails have been driven through the frame into the wall behind!!

So we will proceed by removing the plaque from the wall and begin the restoration process.

Follow our progress with our two weekly blogs once the plaque has been removed from the church.

Listen to the Bells on Sunday BBC broadcast from St Edith’s Church, Monks Kirby

joseph bosworth plaque for restoration