Making a Christmas card – part 2

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Putting the embossed and die cut pieces together

In the previous article I went through the process to emboss the card and die-cut the pieces to make a Christmas card.

Now I have cut out everything I need I can start putting the card together.

Assembly Step 1

There are always small pieces of card that donʼt come out on their own so you have to help them along. I use a craft knife to push out pieces of card.

clearing the cuttings - poking out the die cut pieces

Here I have everything I have cut out and embossed.

all of the pieces of card ready for assemby

Step 2

Start by putting double sided tape on the back of your embossed card stock

adding double sided tape

Peel off the backing and stick to your 6×6 card.


Step 3

I use a tacky PVA glue to attach the die cut pieces to my card.

All you need a small dots of glue all around the base of the wreath.

glue die-cut pieces

Then attach to the card.


Step 4

Same as before, glue the back of the smaller wreath.

Here if you prefer you can use 3D foam pads to make a decoupage effect.

smaller wreath glued

Place the smaller wreath on top of the base wreath.

building the card layers

Step 5 – Build the Bow

Pop a small blob of glue in to the back of the two parts of the bow.

First stick the largest part of the bow to the card.

And now the smallest part of the bow on top.

Step 6

Now itʼs time to stick on the acorns, again just small blobs of glue on the back of the acorns.

And stick on to the wreath.

Step 7

Add the self adhesive pearls

nearly done card

The finished card – using different colour card stock but the same set of dies.

christmas card 1
christmas card 2

A question I get asked

Just one thing before I end this blog. We get asked on many occasions about one of the B plates that making cracking noises and also get marked when using…. is this normal?

Let me show you my B plate.

As you can see it is well used,very marked and curved, yet me say that this is fine,not to worry and is still useable. 

well used die-cutting B plate

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