Making a Christmas Card

by Dec 4, 2020Crafts & Crafting

Step by step using a die cutting machine

Iʼm going to show you how to make this Christmas card using a die cutting machine.

I get asked a lot for help from customers about using a die cutting machines, if they canʼt get a die to cut or not knowing what plates to use and how do I use one of these die cutting machines.

So here is a quick and hopefully easy way to use your die cutting machine and make a Christmas card.

finished christmas card

Embossing Step 1

I have a Cuttlebug but there are other machines available. Iʼve had this machine for about 15-16 years, so itʼs old but still works brilliantly.

I have selected my wreath die set and the embossing folder I will be using. On the left of the picture you can see the plates Iʼm going to use for cutting and embossing. I will go through the plates for each part of the process.

The size of card Iʼm making is 6×6 and this embossing folder is the right size for this. Embossing folders come in many sizes so itʼs best to choose the right size for the cards your making, as when you come to trim them down you wonʼt loose any of the design or detail.

cuttlebug die cutter

Step 2

I have selected the card stock I need to produce this card. I have picked traditional Christmas colours but you donʼt have too.

Iʼve also picked some self adhesive pearls to go on at the end.

I will include a picture of a card Iʼve made with the same dies but in different colours.

card stock used

Step 3

First thing to do is to emboss the piece of card stock for the background.

Select your card stock , in this case itʼs pearlescent Ivory. Place your card stock into the embossing folder and trim off excess.

trimming your card stock

Step 4

For embossing I need to use the two B plates and the A plate.

  • Base plate is A
  • Middle is plate B
  • Top is plate B

The A plate it the thicker of the three plates and always goes in the machine first.

embossing plates

Step 5

Place your plates in order in the machine.

  • Bottom plate A
  • Middle plate B

Next place the embossing folder with the card inserted on to plate B and finally on top of the embossing folder place the second plate B.

You have now made a sandwich of plates and embossing folder.

When ready run through the machine by turning the handle at the side.

loading the embossing plates

Step 6

Once you have run the embossing folder through your machine this is the end result, a lovely embossed piece of card stock.

embossed card stock

Step 7

All I now need to do with this embossed piece of card stock is to just trim down the edges to fit my 6×6 card, as I would like this to be slightly smaller than the 6×6 card.

Trimmed card

Cutting Step 1

Now we can move on to the cutting.

Iʼve chosen a wreath die with all the pieces Iʼm going to need layed out ready to use. I have the base circle of the wreath, the top circle, two parts to the bow and the acorn.

Iʼve also swapped one of the plates for cutting. I will need in this order:

  • Base plate A
  • Middle plate C
  • Top plate B
getting ready to cut

Cutting Step 2

For die cutting I need to change one of the plates, as the dies are thinner than the embossing folder I swap a B plate for the C plate.

  • Base A plate
  • Middle C plate
  • Top B plate

Here I have the A plate, the C plate (there are two sides to a die, the flat smooth side is the base and the ridged side is the cutting side, always have the cutting side facing up towards you.)

Here is the base of the wreath.

dies ready for base of wreath

Place your piece of card stock on top of the die and then place the B plate on top  and your ready to run through your machine.

A tip to remember is that if your using double sided card stock it doesnʼt matter what side you put face down on to the die, but if your using a single sided card stock please put the coloured side facing down on to the die.

cutting the card stock with die

Once run through your machine this is what you get, just remove the excess card stock and put to one side ready for putting your card together.

Die cut card

Cutting Step 3

Change your die to the second smaller inner wreath and repeat step two.

cutting smaller inner wreath

Make up your layers as in step two.

This is the result from the second smaller wreath die.

smaller wreath

Cutting Step 4

Using the same plates change your die to the acorn and cut out four.

Die cutting acorns

Cutting Step 5

Again change your die to the largest part of the bow and repeat step two.

Die cutting bow

Here is your cut large bow.

Cut bow

Cutting Step 6

Last of all change your die to the smaller part of the bow and cut.

As Iʼve mentioned earlier you can see here that the colour of this card stock is red and I will put it face down on to the die.

Cutting smaller bow

As you can see that the card is face down on the die as it comes out of the machine.

Smaller bow

In the next installment I will put together all the cut and embossed pieces and complete the Christmas card.

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