Check your framed pictures to see…

Are your mounting boards acid free?

frame mounting board discolourationMany pictures which were framed several years ago with a mount have a problem – the mounting boards used contained some acid which can affect the surface of the framed image.

The easiest way to check for yourself is to look at the cut edge of the mount to check its colour. If it is white or slightly off white the chances are that an acid free mounting board has been used, but if the edge has discoloured to a fawn tone or even mid brown you have a problem!

It is easy to remedy the problem but the longer it is left the worse the problem will become as the acid content within the mounting board can transfer into the paper below.

At this point we would recommend that you visit your local picture framer (in Leicester that would be Gadsby’s of course!) who should instantly recognise the problem and make recommendations on the best way to remedy what has happened. In general, the picture will be removed from its frame and the picture and mount separated making sure not to damage the paper’s fragile surface.
It is always worth putting fragile or valuable work within an acid free framing environment which will preserve its life for many years.

One final recommendation is that UV protection glass is used which will stop damaging Ultraviolet rays hitting the surface of your image – this again will extend its longevity.