Piero Vertefeuille’s Artwork Exhibition

November 06, 2019

Dedicated to Vivienne.

Piero Vertefeuille was born in Naples, Italy where he lived and worked until March this year, when he moved to the Leicester area. As an artist he has made a difficult choice: that of suggesting a return to traditional figurative art with an impressionistic tendency.

He is a self taught artist who commenced his artistic path at an early age. He is inspired by English artists Sir Alfred Munnings, Alfred Sisley and Walter Sickert. Of the French impressionists he is inspired, in particular, by Claude Monet, who he considers to be the King of impressionism.

Piero Vertefeuille paints using oils on both canvas and wood. He has exhibited in various one-man and group exhibitions since the 1970s, and of note on the island of Capri.

We don’t decide to become artists. It is art that chooses us, it charms, it devours us.

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