Picture, Frame & China Restoration Services

Cleaning and restoration is an important part of Gadsby’s service as is the careful preservation and rebuilding of old frames.

Assess what can be achieved by the restoration / cleaning of your damaged or dirty item

Some things are beyond repair. But you might be surprised at what can be achieved by someone experienced in restoration and repair. For the things you really don’t want to lose it might be worth asking for a professional opinion.

Restoration and repair of pictures, frames and other artefacts

Cleaning and restoration

Cleaning and restoration is an important part of Gadbsy’s service as is the careful preservation and rebuilding of old frames.

Most of the clients who have used the Gadsby’s Restoration Services have been unable to find any other business offering the services Gadsby’s provide.

  • Repair and restoration of frames
  • Restoration of damaged or aged pictures
  • Cleaning and revarnishing of pictures
  • Repair of china objects (objets d’art)

Painting Restoration

The process for restoring paintings depends on the damage. The first step is always to assess the canvas to understand the full scope of the current condition.

Usually the restoration work begins with the removal of the existing varnish. Once the varnish has been removed any patching of the canvas can be performed and any necessary re-touching of the painting.

After a suitable drying period a new layer of varnish can be applied which again is left to dry.

The process differs slightly for paintings of different mediums – oils, acrylics, watercolours.

Repairing Frames

Assessing the damage to an old frame can take a while – spotting what is aready broken or damaged and what is likely to ‘fall-apart’ next.

The actual restoration work can involve:

  • rejoining the corners
  • making a mould of undamaged decoration to enable the replacement / repair of damage sections
  • re-toning the frame to restore the original colour
  • highlighting any original decoration

Repairing China (objets d’art)

After assessing the damage to a piece of china the restoration work can include:

  • repair of cracks & chips
  • colour matching to the original
  • applying varnish as required

It is worth noting that this service only provides a decorative finish. The restored article is not suitable for use in a dinner set, for example.

Damaged Figurine of Stan Laurel repaired

Damaged Figurine of Stan Laurel repaired

Broken arm & fingers This figurine of Stan Laurel came in with a broken arm and fingers and looking like he lost out in his last stunt. The figurine is roughly two feet tall and is made from resin & fibreglass.Figurine fixed and good to go! The figurine has...

Damaged certificate frame

Damaged certificate frame

Ornate certificate frame damagedThis very ornate frame had been damaged over the decades. The frame, decorated with carved cricket bats and balls, contains a record of the 1928/29 English Cricket Tour of Australia.Certificate frame - before repairsFrame repairs...

Oil painting needing restoration and a new frame

Oil painting needing restoration and a new frame

What is that "dingy picture"?When the grand-kids ask what the dingy picture on your wall represents it might be time to consider getting the old family favourite restored and reframed. It isn't that the picture is any less attractive than the day you were given it, or...

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