Choosing a frame & then framing it

It is important for the person taking the framing details to understand what the owner of the item being framed would like to see as the finished product and to make suggestions on how this can be achieved, and have ideas of their own to help the customer make an informed decision.

Upon receipt of an item to be framed, usually a picture although it can be one of thousands of artefacts, we will only have a few seconds to get an idea of how we think this picture should be framed. The customer will often have ideas of their own about the finished product which will be discussed at length to see if they are suitable for this particular item.

We have over three hundred frame mouldings and coloured mounting boards in stock which will be looked at to match the customers ideas and see if they are suitable in this instance. It may be that we have a combination which matches the colours and texture of the picture, or it may be that the ideas which I originally formulated would make a strong alternative.

We have the customers original ideas and an alternative suggestion on offer so a decision has to be made. It will be the customer who decides.

Decisions made we now move on to the framing process.

Our experienced skilled framers will carry out the work requested by the customer, or oders for one of our many other services such as picture and frame restoration, china repairs and photo frame fitting will be progressed.

With over sixty years of framing experience in mount cutting, frame making, general picture cleaning and frame restoration this process comes as second nature to our framers and restorer.

If the picture requires a mount it will be individually cut on our keencut machine to the size and colour as requested.

Frames are individually made again to the style and size as requested by the customer, glued and underpinned to add strength for longevity.

Upon completion the order will go through two quality control processes to avoid disappointment upon collection.