Water Soluble

…and great fun to work with

Water soluble pencils are a useful product for any watercolour artist to have in their box of equipment.

Although in the shape of a pencil they are a stick of soluble pigment which can be applied directly to a dry paper surface, a wet paper surface, or the pigment can be powdered and diluted in water to become a traditional water colour medium.

Ranges such as Caran D’ache supracolour has a wide range of 120 individual colours which suit the exacting requirements of artists and illustrators. Their light fastness is excellent with a high breaking strength which makes them very economical thanks to their exceptional covering power.

There are also ranges of solid pigment such as neocolor 2 which are not encased within wood if the artist prefers to cover large areas with colour.

Caran D’ache supracolour
Caran D’ache Neocolor II