Framing Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about framing

Framing anything and everything

A print or poster? I'm not sure what I want...

This is often said when a customer brings in a print or poster they have bought or been gifted.

In answer we would have a good look at the image and look at the colours in the image, then we will select some mouldings that would compliment the image. We then show the customer the mouldings we have selected in turn at one of the corners of the image to give an idea what their print or poster would look like when finished.

Do I have to have a mount and if so what colour would suit?

The answer is no you don’t have to have a mount on your but a mount will enhance your picture . If you decide that a mount would look good we would then look at the colours in the picture and pick out some colours that will complement the picture and will also go well with the frame picked.

How do I choose the right frame?

Good question, that’s what we are here for to help you choose the right frame. We will always ask what you have in mind and also make suggestions and show you some samples.

What glass should I have?

We would usually supply standard glass, however you can have;

UV protection glass will block ultraviolet light from your print or painting which helps to keep the colour strong for many years, however it is recommended that you don’t hang your pictures in direct sunlight. 

Non Reflective glass is a specialised glass that has been treated to reduce the amount of surface reflection. This glass has a slightly frosted finish to the naked eye but once in a frame you won’t notice it, it just gives a mat finish. 

Clear colour is a high quality speciality coated glass, designed to almost eliminate reflection and provide the perfect view of the framed image. So this glass in a frame is almost invisible which makes this glass the most expensive available.

An original piece of art work - do you mount it

We do get to frame original paintings and sketches, we would usually mount down posters and prints, this process is to keep the images flat, however we don’t mount down original pieces of work as this process means that the image is permanently stuck down and cannot be removed so it is not advised to mount down originals as this cannot be reversed.

Do you frame football shirts?

Yes we do and we have framed many different types of shirts and caps, boxing gloves, cricket bats and fans. 

Not to mention boots, speedway bibs, ceramic flowers and a vast array of other memorabilia too!

A canvas bought over the internet (it arrives rolled up) what can I do about it?

Unfortunately a lot of people have had this problem when ordering a print or painting on canvas on line and it’s been posted rolled up in a tube.

So yes we can stretch the canvas on to a stretcher frame ready to hang on your wall.

What are the other options for framing my canvas?

We can frame it for you in a frame of your choice, we will help you pick a frame if your not sure what would suit your canvas, this doesn’t normally have glass but there is no reason why shouldn’t have glass if you wanted. If you were to have it framed and wanted a mount then we would strongly recommend glass as this will keep the mount clean. 

Can you make me a clip frame?

Yes, not a problem.

We can make them up to A1 with glass, any bigger and it will be too flexible to transport.

Do you frame cross stitches or tapestries?

Yes we do frame cross stitches and tapestries.

We ask if you want us to stretch your work and take you through the framing process.

How long will my picture take to complete?

Usually framing orders take 7-10 days.

Football or rugby shirts, medals and other complicated items can take two weeks.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do deliver. There is a charge:

  • inside Leicester will cost £5.00 and
  • outside of Leicester will cost £10.00

If you have other questions about Framing that you would like to ask the team before you visit the shop please ask us using the form below – we’ll reply and maybe add your question to the FAQs list above.

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