Framing Process & Techniques

Gadsby’s provide specialist high quality picture framing for discerning customers across the country. Nationwide there are few companies that can match Gadsby’s experience and expertise, now including vacuum-creating compressed air systems to provide even pressure across a picture surface. The outline of the framing process is below:

Mounting (Backing Board)

Many pictures* are mounted onto neutral PH backing board to prevent sagging & warping. This is a decision to be taken by each customer as the process can reduce the value of originals as the mounting process is not reversible.

  • Each picture / backing board can be trimmed to size – if required
  • The picture and backing board are then sandwiched together with a heat sensitive acid free adhesive film between them.
  • The sandwich is then put into a warm vacuum press to bond the board to the picture.


Each frame is made from scratch for the picture (or other item) being framed.

  • The moulding / frame is cut using mitring machine to ensure perfect corners
  • Frame segments are then joined
    • corners are glued for added strength (not done by all framers)
    • hydraulic underpinning machine pins segments together


The finishing processes put everything together and deliver the beautiful finished framed artwork.

  • Mounts are cut to size and bevelled as required
  • Glass is cut to size
  • Put it all together – fit all the component elements together
  • Seal the finished job with framers tape to ensure no dust can get in over the years
  • Addition of hanging loops and wire, if required

Framing process for other articles – not pictures

When framing three dimensional objects the steps for the process are pretty much the same as for pictures. However, the building of the frame can be significantly more complicated.

*Pictures which are mounted are generally Photos, Posters etc. Original watercolours, acrylics or oils are rarely mounted as the process is not reversible and can significantly reduce the resale value of a piece of art.