Framing Styles

What are the current Framing Styles?

What does Gadsby’s Leicester have to offer…

Although very open to discussion the general framing styles we find people are talking about are shown here. We try to avoid getting into too much discussion about style because one person’s modern is another’s classic!

Contemporary / Modern

Contemporary / modern frames are characterised by clean frames with no decoration. Sometimes they are of unusual colour but often they are pine coloured or monochrome.


Metallic frames are quite popular at the moment. Obviously not to everyone’s taste (no frame style is) these frames are made from metal manufactured to represent different styles and colours. The mounts within such frames are often simple or non-existent. We find many of these frames are used for framing retro images or artefacts.

Traditional / Classic

Traditional / classic frames are often what we remember seeing from our days of visiting large and / or older properties. They frequently have alot of detailed work in the frame or in the mounting and would sometimes be characterised as ornate. Traditional frames tend to be darker or gilt in colour.


Gothic frames bring to mind dark and moody. In fact they are coloured Gold, Silver or Black and are frequently more decorative / embellished (or as the experts say ‘Swept’) than many other styles.