How to choose a frame

Choosing the right frame for your picture or item

Picture framing in Leicester

Setting the scene

Choosing a frame for your picture or other item isn’t always straightforward. Many people come into the shop with little idea of what they want the finished piece to look like. Gadsby’s experts are used to helping people decide what will work best and producing fantastic looking frames suiting the item being framed, sometimes even taking into account the room / surrounds in which it is going to be hung or placed.

All sorts of things can come into the decision and the following are just a few…

  • Is the frame to be a part of the artwork or just the background canvas on which it is shown?
  • Does the finished piece need to fit in with the decor of an intended room?
  • Does the framing need to highlight any element of the piece?

Looking at framing options

Once you have told the Gadsby’s framing expert as much as you can (they might prompt with gentle questioning) they will start to present options which they believe will meet your needs and expectations. Sometimes they will present options simply to clarify something if they were unsure of your wishes.

The options presented will be intended to help you make your choice and will cover such things as:

  • the finished size of peice
  • the frame (moulding) – size, colour, style etc
  • the borders (mounts) – number, width, colour etc
  • the type of glass – standard glass, non-reflective glass, perspex, UV glass
  • the price

Other considerations for your framing needs

Sometimes you might not have the item ready for framing or need other services. Gadsby’s Leicester are happy to provide such things as

  • Frame as a stretched canvas (i.e. no frame visible)
  • Stretching blank canvases to size
  • Provision of empty frames for you to fit your own picture into (with or without glass & backing boards etc)
  • Stretching of oil paintings
  • Stretching and framing of tapestries, cross-stitch or needle-point
  • Gold & silver filleting incorporated into the mount
  • Replacement of broken glass into existing frame
  • Fitting of non-reflective glass, perspex or UV glass
finished multi-mount frameW Frank Gadsby Ltd
framed ceramic poppyW Frank Gadsby Ltd

Framing - in 3D

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finished framed shirt

Framing a Football Shirt


Framing a Rosette

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Gadsby's Framing Promotion

Framing Promotion

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